BUTTanical Garden

Looking for a way to show people in your community that littering is bad? Plant a BUTTanical Garden!

This unique plot is full of the state’s most frequently planted perennial – the cigarette butt. The BUTTanical Garden is a dramatic demonstration of the harmful effects of cigarette litter on our communities and environment.

Cigarette Litter Facts

Facts about cigarette litter are posted throughout the garden on Burma Shave-style signs to engage passers by in learning about cigarette litter:

  • Cigarette waste is the most abundant form of litter in Arkansas and on the planet. In fact, collected cigarette litter weighs in the millions of pounds annually.
  • Cigarette litter is not a smoking issue – it’s a littering issue. Smokers don’t have to stop smoking to decrease the amount of cigarette litter. Instead, we must all learn to dispose of cigarette litter responsibly.
  • Cigarette filters are made of plastic, not paper and cotton. That makes them non biodegradable. Cigarette litter lingers in our environment up to 25 years.
  • Cigarette butts are lightweight and can easily move through our storm drains into our waterways and water supplies.
  • Water will leech the toxins from cigarette litter, making such litter deadly to most aquatic life. In fact, the toxins released from one cigarette butt left in a gallon of water for one day will kill about 80 percent of aquatic life added to that water.

Creating Your Own

The BUTTanical Garden can be used at science fairs, garden and flower shows, and county fairs to teach students and their parents about the harmful impacts of cigarette litter. Let Keep Arkansas Beautiful show you how The BUTTanical Garden can be planted to teach your community that cigarette butts are litter, too!

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