Arkansas is Naturally Clean and Green!

Today, we understand that conserving our Earth’s natural resources applies at home and when we travel. The Natural State offers an abundance of green options for travelers. Planning an environmentally responsible trip in The Natural State is simple. This website will make your travel planning trouble-free. Choose the “greenest” places to stay, eat, shop and play with just a few clicks!


While traveling in Arkansas, help us keep it clean and green by appreciating and caring for our state like the natural treasure it is. Please dispose of your trash responsibly and recycle where receptacles are available. And, look for opportunities in Arkansas’s hotels, lodges and restaurants to make greener, more sustainable choices, such as using your linens and towels more than once and recycling those pesky plastic water bottles.

Being eco-friendly while exploring The Natural State is easy! Whether it’s renting a bicycle (instead of driving) to tour one of our beautiful communities, using your linens and towels more than once at your favorite lodge or choosing a slow-food dining establishment, the little things we do together have a big impact on Arkansas.

Hotels, lodges, restaurants and attractions with green practices are a growing trend across the country. Many of Arkansas’s hospitality providers take the necessary steps to be environmentally friendly. From recycling bath products to conserving water to using energy-saving appliances, you will rest easy knowing that you are helping the environment by choosing an eco-friendly travel option.

As you make travel decisions with the environment in mind, consider facilities that are more conscious of the environment and use sustainable practices. Use the links below to browse our list of clean and green partners to make planning an environmentally conscious trip easy.

Clean and Green Partners: Green Hospitality Initiative

We invite Arkansas’s restauranteurs, hotel and lodging managers, and attraction owners and operators to join other hospitality providers around the state in keeping Arkansas clean and green. Click the Go Green! button below to download a number of resource materials that you can easily customize and produce for your facilities. Keep Arkansas Beautiful is happy to provide these tools to you for use in your establishment, including:

Linens and Towels Cards
Rack Cards for Brochure Holders
In-Room Cards and Fliers
Tabletop Tent Cards

Use the Go Green! button to download materials for your establishment today!

Go Green!


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