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Keep Arkansas Beautiful’s public awareness/education campaign – Shine: Keep Arkansas Clean & Green™ – educates Arkansans and visitors about how easy it is to keep The Natural State clean and green and why it’s important to do so. “Shine” inspires individuals to think and act in positive ways to ensure that their communities are fresh and appealing. 


Since its launch around Earth Day 2008, the “Shine” campaign has had impressive results, improving recognition of the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission by eight percent and advertising recall by 23 percent. Particularly exciting has been the campaign’s success in reaching Arkansans ages 18-24, identified as those most likely to litter. The campaign has achieved 28-percent advertising recall in this demographic group. Furthermore, the campaign has proven successful in conveying its message; consumers across all age groups are familiar with the multiple meanings of the words “shine” and “green.”

As a result of improved recognition of the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission and broad understanding of its message, Arkansans’ belief that their individual efforts to keep Arkansas litter-free are important has increased considerably. In general, Arkansans are also more likely to view their state positively. Additionally, studies show that Keep Arkansas Beautiful has experienced increased participation of 18- to 24-year-olds in community cleanups and that young adults are particularly receptive to the “Shine” campaign messaging. These results are highly encouraging and demonstrate progress in achieving Keep Arkansas Beautiful’s overarching goals.

The campaign thematic has been applied to several Keep Arkansas Beautiful programs since its launch, including the Arkansas Shine Awards, Clean & Green Symposium, Great American Cleanup in Arkansas, Great Arkansas Cleanup and Litter-Free Zone. Other “Shine” creative executions have included brochures, posters, stickers and decals, and a trade-show booth.