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Giving Guidance and Teaching Good Lessons

No one is born a litterer. Such a bad habit is taught and learned, but by engaging children in anti-littering behaviors and activities, we can reinforce good habits that could last a lifetime and involve youth in their community's overall improvement. It's never too early to make our children aware of the damage litter can do to wildlife and the environment. Even preschoolers can be educated about the importance of not leaving trash behind and throwing things away responsibly.

It is the responsibility of parents, teachers and the community to teach and encourage children about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. Fascinating youth with science, nature and the environment is a creative way to captivate their interest in litter abatement, recycling and beautification.

BUTTanical Garden

The BUTTanical Garden is a plot full of the state's most frequently planted perennial – the cigarette butt. The BUTTanical Garden is a dramatic demonstration of the harmful effects of cigarette litter on our communities. Debuted in 2003 at the Arkansas State Flower and Garden Show, the garden creatively uses flowerbeds designed to demonstrate the unsightly effects of cigarette litter.

Take It Back

"Take It Back" shows that recycling is fun! This karaoke-style sing-along jingle encourages students to "Do your part, make it right and keep it up" to prevent litter, encourage recycling and promote scenic beautification. Keeping The Natural State natural is "a cycle with no end" ... and fun for all ages!

Classroom Resources

Many classroom resources are available to teach and engage youth in positive environmental habits. From field trips to interactive activities to environmental curricula, there are many ways to actively engage students in learning how to protect Arkansas' beauty.

Great American Cleanup in Arkansas Youth Poster Contest

KAB sponsors the Youth Poster Contest to involve students, to increase awareness of the Great American Cleanup in Arkansas, and to educate the public about the importance of a clean and beautiful community in promoting economic development and environmental quality of life.

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Butterfly Gardening

A butterfly garden is the perfect outdoor teaching lab, where the learning possibilities are as vast as students' imaginations. In a butterfly garden, students have real-life experiences with nature and the environment to learn about science and natural history, environmental stewardship and conservation.

Clean Getaway

Clean Getaway, a KAB original musical production, is perfect for middle school and high school students. The musical deals with the serious issues of litter and recycling in a lighthearted, entertaining manner that is appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Trashy Style Show

The Trashy Style Show is a unique fashion show where your "models" of choice (teachers, students, parents, etc.) don coats covered in the state's most prevalent forms of litter. The dramatic message of the show is that The Natural State's distinctive beauty is carelessly "coated" in litter.


Good environmental habits can and should be learned early, and involving young people in your community's improvement efforts is an i

mportant step toward keeping your community clean and beautiful. From recruiting young people as volunteers for your cleanup event to engaging them in beautification efforts, getting kids involved in your community's improvement efforts will impact the future of our state.