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alt"Take It Back" is a karaoke-style sing-along jingle that encourages students to "Do your part, make it right and keep it up" to prevent litter, encourage recycling and promote scenic beautification. Keeping The Natural State natural is "a cycle with no end" … and fun for all ages!

Make It Right

When you pick up litter and put it where it belongs, you're not only doing a great thing for the environment, you're actually discouraging others from littering. Litter attracts more litter. Make it right - clean it up.

Do Your Part

Plant a tree or some wildflowers and see how good it makes you feel! You might be surprised at how easy - and satisfying - it is to take an ordinary space and turn it into something beautiful. Paint a fence or an old house and you'll get the same feeling. Do your part - make something more beautiful with color.

Keep It Up

The more we all recycle, the better off we all are. Recycling saves valuable resources, energy, the environment, and ultimately, it can save money too. Most household garbage - bottles, cans and newspapers - could and should be recycled. Keep it up - it's a cycle with no end.

Catchy jingles and songs are easily remembered, and "Take It Back" teaches great lessons in an engaging way.